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SustaiNEXT-West Conference: An Educational Framework for Universal Sustainability

SustaiNEXT-West, will take place on November 3 and 4, 2011 in Phoenix, Arizona. This conference is positioned to address the challenges of today and tomorrow including economic growth, jobs and education.

The SustaiNEXT-West Conference includes a forum to discuss universal sustainability and next generation thinking for sustainability. Like the SustaiNext-East program in March 2011, this conference promises to advance critical discussions relative to sustainability. SustaiNext-East explored sustainability thought-leadership relative to workforce preparedness. The SustaiNEXT-West Conference will address paths for transforming sustainability education and the economy through public and private partnerships.

Universal sustainability is a new concept developed by Robert L. Lattimer, senior fellow of diversity studies at Rutgers University, which centers on the belief that “society seeks to explore, exist within, and to preserve (our natural world).”

Hosted by the Sustainability Collaborative, recognized as a leading think-tank, research consultancy, and conference facilitator in the field of sustainability, Arizona State University’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College and IHS (NYSE: IHS), the leading global source of information and analysis, and other notable sponsors.

The conference will bring together leading voices in sustainability from business, academia, government and community to explore universal sustainability. Speakers will provide perspectives and viewpoints from across the private and public spectrum with the aim of moving from thought-leadership to action- leadership.

Lattimer will lead the discussion and will be joined at the event by other notable speakers including: Leland H. Hartwell, distinguished sustainability scientist, Arizona State University Global Institute of Sustainability, and winner of the 2001 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine; and Gary Cohen, co-founder, president, and executive director of Health Care without Harm, the international campaign for environmentally responsible healthcare.

During the opening session on universal sustainability, panel participants will discuss the future state for sustainable change within industry, education and the 21st century global society, including the important influence of public policy. In moving toward the goal of universal sustainability, sustainable development, in a real sense, begins with human development, and education is the primary vehicle for making the transition to universal sustainability a reality.

The educational panel will convene with a goal of translating the conclusions formulated throughout the conference into a concrete curriculum for sustainability that spans from kindergarten through graduate school, but also addresses the needs of businesses and communities moving toward universal sustainability. Ultimately, the objective of this summit is to provide an educational framework that helps drive future efforts to ensure the public, business leaders and policy makers are literate about how to accomplish universal sustainability.

SustaiNEXT-West Summit Presenters include:
  • Mari Koerner, dean, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, Arizona State University
  • Michael Maggio, vice president, Global Strategic Design Operations at Johnson & Johnson Group of Consumer Companies Ranjet Banejee, vice president, BD Medical – Medical Surgical Systems
  • Roger McFadden, vice president and senior scientist for Staples, Inc.
  • Brian M. Murphy, dean, College of Liberal and Applied Arts, Stephen F. Austin State University
  • William Forbes, director, Center for a Livable World, and associate professor of geography, Stephen F. Austin State University
  • Pierre McDonagh, group head and senior lecturer in Marketing, Dublin City University Business School, Dublin City University, Ireland
  • Michael Ochs, assistant director of Environment, Health and Safety, Arizona State University
  • Marilyn Johnson, director, corporate sustainability at IHS, and program director of SustaiNEXT-West
  • Ann Lee-Jeffs, global product stewardship manager, Johnson & Johnson; Worldwide Environment, Health and Safety; and Sustainability Collaborative founder/chief executive officer
  • Joe Pryweller, senior editor and event organizer, Packaging Strategies
  • Ed Quevedo, senior counsel and chair, Sustainability Practice Group, Paladin Law Group
  • John Gould, director, Educational Leadership and Change Program, Drexel University
  • Chien-Wei Han, instructional faculty, Pima Community College
  • Fenna Hanes, senior director of Professional and Resource Development, New England Board of Higher Education
  • Michelle Williams, assistant professor of elementary education, Stephen F. Austin State University

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