Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Costs of Global Warming

The costs of reducing emissions are frequently cited as reasons for inaction, however these assessments fail to factor the much greater costs of unchecked climate change. Already we are seeing massive costs from drought, famine, flooding and extreme weather.  Global warming causing greenhouse gas emissions continue to escalate increasing beyond the worst predictions of the UN’s climate experts. These costs will only increase as global warming worsens.

The World Meteorological Organisation has reported that heat-trapping carbon dioxide concentrations in the air have increased by 39 per cent to 389 parts per million. These are the highest concentrations since the start of the industrial era in 1750.

The costs of climate change are more than just financial. Emission increases are causing global temperature rises and when the growing population is factored into the equation the earth's carrying capacity is being exceeded by growing demand.

Agricultural yields are amongst the areas hardest hit by global warming and this will lead to skyrocketing food costs and mass starvation.

There is more than enough scientific evidence for concerted global action now. The costs of doing nothing to manage climate change are too great to bear.

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The costs of doing nothing to manage climate change are too great to bear. Do you also think this way?