Friday, December 23, 2011

Environmentally Friendly Alternatives to Traditional Christmas Lighting

Millions of lights are used to decorate and illuminate the Christmas season, but traditional light bulbs are a huge drain on energy. Thankfully there are more environmentally friendly alternatives to the traditional Christmas light bulb. LED Christmas lighting uses significantly less electricity and lasts much longer than traditional bulbs. A large number of retailers are offering LED Christmas lighting this holiday season.

All Canadian Home Depot Stores hosted a light exchange where customers brought in their old incandescent or old LED holiday lighting and they received an in-store coupon for 30% off a new energy efficient set of LED holiday lights. The new LED light sets are 80% more energy efficient than the traditional incandescent version of holiday lights. The new LED lights last up 25,000 hours or the equivalent of 12 holiday seasons. These new sets come with replacement bulbs and don’t heat up like the previous generation of lights, making them safer while saving money on energy.

The light exchange is part of Home Depot’s Eco Options program which is designed to help customers identify products that are making an environmental difference, one purchase at a time. Home Depot also has Eco Options Consumer Events, which help customers “upgrade to more energy and water-efficient products, and providing public education on key environmental issues.” The company also hosts recycling programs, which help consumers responsibly recycle batteries, compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), and paint.

Other companies are also providing LED based Christmas lighting alternatives. One such example is, a family owned and operated lighting manufacturing and distribution company that specializes in advanced LED lighting technology. On their website you can find an assortment of LED Christmas lighting as well as solar Christmas lights, LED Christmas tree ornaments and LED tea lights.

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