Friday, December 30, 2011

Hybrids Could Substantially Reduce US Fossil Fuel Consumption

Barry Stevens, PhD, is the Managing Director of TBD America, Inc., here is his response to a question about the impact on petroleum usage if all passenger vehicles in the US were as energy efficient as Toyota's Prius.

To respond to this question Mr Stevens analyzed the fuel requirements for the 137 million passenger cars in the US (his analysis excluded over 100 million other vehicles registered in the US). It was determined that if all passenger cars in the US were as efficient as the Toyota prius, there would be a 19% gross savings in fossil fuel consumption.

A 19% reduction in petroleum consumption is significant, it would potentially render all oil imports from Persian Gulf counties unnecessary. The economic cost of replacing all 137 million gasoline burning passenger vehicles in the US with hybrids or EVs would be about $3.4 trillion.

The move to hybrids and EVs would be of immense benefit to the environment, but Americans would also benefit as lower amounts of smog and less air pollution would reduce disease and deaths.

To view Steven's spreadsheet, follow the calculations and understand the rationale, click here.

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