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Best Places for Green Jobs in the US

The number of green jobs is proliferating around the world, but some places are better than others. In countries like the US, China, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore the recycling industry is experiencing significant growth to address their waste management issues. In the US, California, Florida, Michigan and Ohio are hotbeds of activity in energy efficiency.

Here is a list of some of the best US locations for green jobs from research compiled by the Examiner.


As a technology hub, Seattle is known for innovations including many new cleantech companies like waste management, energy efficiency technologies and smart-grid technologies.

Seattle has a large transportation industry, this is an advantage as many cleantech applications are used in the transportation industries – examples include those used for aviation industries and vehicle recharging facilities.

The city is also known to have a large environmentally conscious customers base, and this is helping environmentally oriented consumer products.

In addition, Seattle is a base of many technology and cleantech venture capital firms – it has a close community connecting between companies and venture capital investors.

Related Industries: Waste Management, Transportation, And Energy Efficient Technology


Renewable energy is a big industry across Texas. Large energy companies such as Esso, Chevron and other oil & gas companies invest heavily in renewable energy industries. The oil & gas companies are actually some of the major investors in the renewable energy sectors as they wish to maintain their market share in the energy industry.

Houston is the headquarters of many oil & gas companies. Many energy efficient technologies have also set up their operations in Houston to service their major customers. Other opportunities include the growing number of engineering services firms in Texas that provide services to infrastructure projects in that state.

Industries: Petrochemical engineering, environmental engineering, civil engineers, renewable energy R&D and energy financing

Southern California

Southern California is becoming the Cleantech Corridor of the United States. Southern California has several advantages including a favorable climate for solar energy, access to technical professionals and an environmentally aware population.

San Diego is one city that is becoming a popular base for cleantech companies, including solar companies, environmental engineering services and energy efficiency technology companies.

Northern California

The opportunities in the Northern California are different from those in the Southern California. Silicon Valley and San Francisco are major investment hubs for cleantech industries.

A number of large companies have chosen Northern California for their corporate headquarter. New electric vehicle Tesla motors is headquartered in Palo Alto, as well as hundreds of solar energy, wind energy and environmental engineering firms.

Northern California also has an environmentally conscious population ideal for organic products, green consumer goods, green energy providers and marketing firms that work on behalf of green industries.

Industries: Cleantech, Environmental Engineering Services, Green Marketing, Green Education, Solar, Consumer Goods, Venture Capital and Private Equity.


Michigan promotes itself as the ideal destination for cleantech companies, particularly those relating to the automotive industries.

In cities like Troy and others in northern Michigan, factories have been transformed to manufacture greentech products such as batteries for electrical vehicles, recharging facilities and new types of engines.

It has also attracted various engineering firms including some major European engineering firms.

Related Industries: Automotive industries, car batteries, engineering services and automotive engineering designs.

New York

While New York is not a preferred location for the manufacturing industry, it is the global headquarters for a very large number of green related industries. This makes sense given the fact that the NYSE and Nasdaq are both headquartered in the New York City, along with many corporate headquarters.

It is the financial capital of the green economy. New York has a high concentration of financial services companies including Cleantech Venture Capital, Private Equity Firms, Energy Venture Capital, Mutual Funds, and Social Responsible Investment Funds.

To serve these financial services firms a number of support industries have settled in New York. This includes companies associated with investor relations, public relations and media companies.

Related Industries: Corporate Financing, Corporate Advisory Firms, Mutual Funds, Venture Capital, Investor Relations and Public Relations.

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