Saturday, January 14, 2012

Caelus Releases the CurrentState™ Sustainability Audit

On December 7, 2011, Caelus released the CurrentState™ sustainability audit for business which delivers a comprehensive review of the sustainability practices of an organization. CurrentState™ is based on Caelus's Three Tiers of Sustainability™ framework. The framework organizes sustainability into 3 main categories: Green IT, Business and Facilities. It further divides these areas into 28 additional sub-categories.

The audit includes a blueprint to develop a sustainability program; a method to demonstrate to management, a board or the public an organization's sustainability achievements; a way to quickly identify gaps in your current sustainability efforts; a way to document and track sustainability performance from period to period; and a way to determine current compliance with major international standards and certifications.

CurrentState™ offers businesses a clear framework that defines all the areas of sustainability and a tool that can measure their performance across all of these areas.

Once an organization submits its information through their online system, a sustainability professional begins the analysis process and the preparation of the Findings Report. The Findings Report is delivered within 3 working days of submission.

"In essence, if you add resource requirements and budget to the report, you will have a nearly complete Sustainability Program. This is exactly what our clients are doing and their reaction has been overwhelmingly positive."

CurrentState™ is available in four different versions - small business, corporate, healthcare and hospitality. For more information about CurrentState™, case studies, and sample Finding Reports click here. For pricing information or any other questions, you can call +1 918 911-4211.

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