Monday, January 23, 2012

Top CSR Initiatives for 2012

Many organizations that practice corporate social responsibility (CSR) are expanding their reach in 2012. Corporations are increasingly seeing the value of environmental sustainability. In addition to making more environmentally responsible decisions in 2012, organizations are realizing the value of working with others to achieve their goals and fulfill their CSR potential. Here are some CSR initiatives for 2012.

Become more sustainable: Review your organization and then develop a strategy to do things like become more energy efficient, generate less waste, increase recycling rates, engage employee behavior and support environmental efforts outside of the workplace.

Support Environmental Events: Be part of environmental initiatives by celebrating events that take place throughout the year. Raise consciousness by incorporating these efforts into your marketing and throughout your organization. You can even start your own environmental oriented initiatives which you can in turn share with everyone in your value chain.

Engagement and Alignment: Engage your employees, consumers and other stakeholders by asking them what they want to see from your program objectives. Align your objectives with the results of your engagement efforts and build loyalty by inculcating these values.

Grassroots Involvement: Get the general public involved with your efforts. Ask for their views and develop local programs that respond to their concerns.

Transparency: In an attempt to proactively engage the perception of inappropriate conduct, open your organization up to public scrutiny and review.

Be a Catalyst for Prosocial Change: Find a problematic issue and develop a strategy to help improve the situation. Educate people and encourage them to contribute.

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