Thursday, February 2, 2012

California and Other US Leaders in Cleantech Investments

California is well known for its green orientation and this is borne out in the data for 2011. As the world's eighth-largest economy California has unmatched potential. More than any other state, in California the economy and the environment go hand in hand. Despite challenges, California continues to set the pace for policy, practice and green economic opportunity. A green revolution is unfolding, and California has the public support, technology innovation and history of commitment to sustainability to remain at the leading edge of this revolution. Here is a breakdown of the numbers for the US states leading cleantech investment.

According to Ernst & Young, California continued to lead national cleantech investment in 2011 with the state raising US$2.8bn. In Q3 2011 alone, California garnered 52 percent of all dollars with $583.0 million, a 74 percent increase from Q3 2010.

Massachusetts raised the second-highest level of annual investments with US$465.1m. This was a 63 percent increase from last year, said Spencer. Colorado came third in 2011, with investments in the state reaching US$363.3m.

In Q3 both Pennsylvania and Oregon had investments more than triple since Q3 2010, bringing their Q3 2011 investment levels to $85.4 million and $73.5 million respectively.

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