Monday, February 20, 2012

Four Greentech Venture Capital Firms

The cleantech and renewable energy sectors have raised a lot of capital and this trend is likely to continue going forward. Many companies have established new investment arms, some are new funds set up by venture capital firms, while others are set up by financial institutions, conglomerates or government agencies. Here are four companies identified by that are active in the cleantech and renewable energy sectors:

Global Environment Fund

Global Environment Fund (GEF) was established in 1990, GEF invests in businesses around the world that provide cost-effective solutions to environmental and energy challenges. The firm manages private equity dedicated to clean technology, emerging markets, and sustainable forestry, with approximately $1 billion in aggregate capital under management. GEF’s investors include prominent endowments, foundations, family offices, and pension funds. Its Clean Technology team invests in companies with technologies and services to meet growing commercial demand by traditional industries for clean energy sources, energy efficiency, and pollution prevention.

IBT Management Corporation

IBT Management Corporation is a venture capital firm located in Taipei, Taiwan. Founded in 2000, IBT Management Corporation considers seed, late stage and mezzanine investments. IBT Management Corp. (IBTM) is a subsidiary of the Industrial Bank of Taiwan, one of the largest banks in Taiwan. It has set up various investment funds investing in different industries especially technology and cleantech. IBT II Venture Capital Co., Ltd sets up and operates from January 2008 with registered capital of NT$1.2 billions. IBTVC II positions itself in emerging markets in Asia (including Vietnam, Greater China etc.) and North American (65%) as well as Taiwan (35%). The focused investment targets of IBTVC II covers on broad IT industries, Infrastructure and transitional sectors and green energy industries etc; some of its current investments include solar energy, power management companies and cooling systems.

Global Infrastructure Partners

Global Infrastructure Partners is an independent infrastructure fund that invests in infrastructure assets and businesses in both OECD and select emerging market countries. It has over $5.8 billion under management, mainly investing in energy, cleantech and transportation related sectors. Its current portfolio includes renewable energy, power generation and other opportunities. Some examples include: Terra-Gen Power Holdings, LLC, Terra-Gen is a leading US renewable power generation company that owns or operates over 800 megawatts (MW) of renewable power facilities, including geothermal, wind and solar technologies. Biffa is one of the leading integrated waste management and energy from waste companies in the United Kingdom providing waste collection, processing and treatment, recycling and disposal services.

GLOTEC Ventures GmbH

GLOTEC Ventures GmbH acts as the Management Company for the GLOTEC Fund, represented by GLOTEC Capital Management Partners S.à r.l., Luxembourg. This closed Fund manages the assets of a circle of High Net Worth Individuals, whereas GLOTEC Ventures (Swiss) GmbH, Switzerland, is dedicated to funding concepts and other financial topics. The primary investment focus refers to the fields of Cleantech, energy, and telecommunications, current portfolio include Cleanergy Seeds, which is an Israeli firm specializes in breeding and developing high-potential energy crop hybrids, also ExtraEnergie, a European energy retailer.

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