Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Major US Environmental Engineering Companies Guide

This is ResearchWhitePaper's latest Guide adding to thier Green Companies Guide Series. Environmental Engineering is one of the fastest growing segments globally; and this particular industry has not been impacted by the recession. This report includes approximately 200 environmental engineering related companies in USA.

Highlights of this report

Approximately 200 Companies based in United States
Companies ranging from diversified engineering firms; water resources management firms, air pollution specialists and waste management companies.
Diversified locations, spread across different States in USA
Providing companies'key capabilities and recruitment programs

Who can Use this Guide

1. Industry professionals working in the Environmental Engineering industries and looking for new career opportunities.
2. Professionals or Graduates looking to enter into environmental engineering firms.
3. Green technology companies looking to sell and introduce their products & services into environmental engineering services firms
4. Government or private enterprises looking for environmental engineering services firms for their projects.
5. Recruitment Agencies looking to expand their services into environmental services industries.

Report Price: US$59.90

For more information or to purchase the report click here.

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