Monday, February 6, 2012

Slash Energy Cost & Reduce Budget Uncertainty

Here is a white paper on energy for big retailers sponsored by Verisae and published by Environmental Leader. In this special report you can discover energy management ideas tailored to the business of big retailers. New-store design, refurbs and retrofits may present the biggest and most obvious opportunities to make dramatic, long-lasting improvements in energy efficiency and budget certainty. But the weak economy has caused most retailers to cut way back on such projects. Energy-cost reductions can make a big difference for your company’s financial performance. After payroll, energy is among the largest operating costs for any grocery retailer. In fact, energy cost may amount to roughly half or more of net profit. A 10% reduction of energy cost can increase net profit by 5% to 10%. To download the white paper see below.

Click here to download this white paper.

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