Thursday, February 23, 2012

Urgent Appeal to Save our Oceans

Once again the Avaaz team is working to protect the environment, this time they are looking to save one million square kms of ocean off the coasts of Australia. In 2010, Avaaz members helped create the world’s largest marine reserve around the Chagos islands.

In 24 hours Australia could save one million square kms of ocean -- but the commercial fishing industry is vigorously opposing this move. The government is holding a public consultation to get a clear mandate to put the environment above corporate profit. The consultation closes in 24 hours. Avaaz is encouraging everyone to send a flood of support to save our dying oceans.

The goal is to set up the largest marine reserve in the world and preserve thousands of delicate species. But they will need a global outcry to beat out commercial fishing and mining companies hoping to destroy the plan.

With enough support the Australian government's public consultation will give them a mandate to take a big step towards a sustainable future for our oceans and our planet. But the reserve will cost money and without massive support right now, the short term financial interests of industry could beat out our hopes for a safe future for our seas.

The reports are dire: in 36 years, our oceans could be completely fished-out, in 100 years, all coral reefs might be dead. This action alone won’t be enough to turn the tide. But it will establish the largest marine reserve in the world!

Saving the world’s oceans from collapse will require bold political leadership and dedicated citizens taking action. The Australian government could be at the forefront. But industrial fishing companies want a marine highway through the area for their long line vessels.

We can save a million square kms of ocean by flooding the consultation with appeals from around the world. Let's drown out the voices of the commercial fishing companies, and protect our oceans for generations to come. Click here to send an urgent message, then forward this to friends and family.

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