Saturday, February 18, 2012

Video: The Inherent Design Flaws In The "Resource Based Economy" Model

This video is Peter Joseph's reply to Zeitgeist's support for a resource based economy. In this video Jospeh reviews the numerous, very real, and legitimate problems. Those problems are not minor details that can be glossed over or fixed at a later date, they are in fact inherent design flaws which render it unworkable.

In light of the recession and political deadlock it is understandable why the ideas behind a resource based economy are popular. It is easy to support being more sustainable, (radical efficiency, recycling, eliminating waste, etc). It is also easy to support the idea of creating a single system that shares resources. While these and other tenants are admirable, a Resource-Based Economic Model, it is yet another unrealistic utopia. Change is difficult for most and we simply do not have the time for the radical changes advocated by the Zeitgeist Movement.

One of the biggest problems with a resource based economy is the notion of removing the monetary exchange system and eliminating free markets. The free market is an efficient system and our monetary system provides incentives and disincentives that are consistent with human psychology. The failure of pure forms of socialism illustrate that this form of governance does not work.

As laudable as the ideals of a resource based economy might be, we have no time for the radical changes they require. The urgency of the threats posed by climate change mean we must be utterly realistic about creating a sustainable world using the most expedient means at our disposal. To make the changes we need to see in the time we have demands that we work within our current economic and monetary system.

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