Saturday, February 4, 2012

Video: Lightening Electric Motorcycle Goes Over 200 mph for 18 Cents

Here is a motorcycle that proves you can have radical efficiency and extraordinary performance. In this video you will see just how fast the Lightening electric motorcyle can go (apparently the previous run was even faster at 218.6 mph). This is the first electric motorcycle to go over 200 mph. The black and orange markers on the sides of the track fly by even though they are 1/4 mile apart.

What is most remarkable about this bike is the fact that they used only 18 cents of electricity on this run and were getting the equivalent of over 50 mpg at over 200 mph. The amount of energy in the batteries would allow over 100 miles of range at normal highway speeds and cost about one dollar.

Lightning Motorcycles is the brainchild of Richard Hatfield and a group of Silicon Valley engineers dedicated to the belief that world class performance is compatible with clean tech transportation. At Lightning Motorcycles they believe that choosing to ride an electric motorcycle should not be a compromise. They have honed our understanding of vehicle development as lifetime racers. They seek out competition to refine their technology. The Lightning SuperBike is equally suited to track days, weekend rides on your favorite back roads, or record runs at Bonneville.

In addition to the SuperBike Lightning is producing prototypes of electric commuter bikes, scooters and ATVs.

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