Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Breakdown of Obama's Clean Energy & Efficiency Budget for 2013

The President's $3.8 trillion budget for fiscal year 2013, includes $6.7 billion for clean energy programs. According to a White House press release, this represents a 13 percent increase over the last enacted budget. (See the bottom of the page for a detailed breakdown of the President's 2013 budget proposal for clean energy and efficiency).

A total of $2.3 billion is directed towards the DOE’s office of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. The DOE projects are known as EERE. EERE’s and their goal is to make clean energy cost-competitive with conventional sources. They also seek to make American businesses more energy efficient.

Although there is no new money for the DOE loan guarantee program, there is a plan to reauthorize $5 billion in new tax credits for clean energy manufacturers.

Obama also wants to cut $4 billion in yearly tax breaks for big oil, gas and coal companies over the next ten years.

Predictably conservative Republicans reject the budget and they are demanding deep cuts to existing clean energy programs.


  • Energy efficiency/green buildings $740 million
  • Electric cars/alternative transportation $430 million
  • Advanced Research Projects Agency - E (ARPA-E) $350 million
  • Solar energy $310 million
  • Biomass/renewable fuels refineries $270 million
  • Wind energy $95 million
  • Permitting and review for projects on public lands (Dept of Interior) $86 million
  • Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies $80 million
  • Geothermal energy $65 million
  • State energy programs (i.e. energy audits, electric car tax breaks) $49 million
  • Smart grid/energy storage $44 million
  • Clean energy transmission lines $24 million
  • Hydropower $20 million
  • Clean energy projects on Native lands $7 million
  • Nuclear energy $770 million
  • Carbon capture and storage (CCS) $276 million
  • Natural gas drilling study $17 million
  • Energy conservation/renewables deployment at military buildings $1 billion
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