Friday, March 23, 2012

Business and Climate Impacts Day

The environmental organization known as is building a global movement to address climate change and the business community has a vital role to play in their new campaign. They have already been part of some successful business oriented initiatives including "The Chamber Does Not Speak For Me," campaign. Now is behind a new campaign designed to help people to see the relationship between extreme weather and climate impacts. It is called Connect the Dots as part of this campaign they have designated May 5 2012 as Climate Impacts Day.

I was honored to be part of a conference call on Tuesday March 20 in which founder Bill McKibben explained the idea behind the May 5, Connect the Dots campaign.

During the conference call with found Bill McKibben I asked how the business community can help with the new climate impacts campaign. Bill McKibben replied by saying that businesses are feeling the effects of climate sharing these experiences is one perfect way to be part of Connect the Dots. It is also important to show how businesses are being impacted. Vinyards ski areas are but two examples of numerous sectors that are being adversely impacted by climate change.

McKibben went on to say that it is also important to highlight what businesses are doing in terms of providing solutions to the problem of climate change. "Some of the dots we want to connect are also about things that are going right," McKibben said. Specifically businesses can promote all they are doing to help reduce their footprints, draw attention to climate change and manage global warming.

Join us in connecting the dots between extreme weather and climate change. For more information about the Connect the Dots campaign and Climate Impact Day click here.

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