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Corporate Sustainability 2012 Executive Forum

Corporate Sustainability 2012 Executive Forum is subtitled, Your Company's Secret Weapon in Winning Market Share. The event will take place on March 18 - 20, 2012 at Greenrbrier America's Resort, WV. This event pertains to how corporations and organizations can successfully increase market share, increase revenue, and maintain customer loyalty while also making a environmental difference. The executive forum is structured to educate executive officers, managers, and those decision makers involved in sustainable initiatives.

The Tangible Returns of Implementing a Sustainability Initiative:
• Preservation of Social License to operate through enhanced reputation and social capital
• New Market Opportunities
• Improved Operational Efficiencies
• Improved Investment Opportunities
• Increased Top Lines
• Reduced Costs

Designing a Sustainability Strategy- Starting Your Development of:
• Vision & Values
• Codes for Corporate Sustainability
• Economic success through sustainability
• Individual responsibility and motivation
• Safe and environmentally compatible products/technology
• Safe and efficient plants and production processes
• Treatment of business partners and market behavior
• Sustainable business processes
- Technology and knowledge transfer
• Management systems for clear responsibilities and continuous improvement
• Social Responsibility

Other Themes and Topics:
• Life Cycle Assessment: A Road Map to Guide Sustainability & Strategy Executives
• Sustainability Performance Management Systems: Building and Implementing Next Generation Tracking & Reporting
• Benefit/Flexible Corporations: The New Paradigm for Sustainable Companies
• People, Process, Products, Environment & Profits
• Galvanizing Employee Buy-In Through Top-to-Bottom and Bottom-to-Top Alignment on Your Sustainability Initiative
• Creating Closed Loops for the Birth and Continual Rebirth of the Products You Sell
• Population Growth: Pressure on our Ecosystems and Wallets
• HOT SPOTS: Locating where is your company is loosing money

5 Key Components:
• Energy
• Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency
• Alternative Energy (Investing, Information, and Opportunity)
• Localities and mutual benefits of using local energy
• Self production
• Profitable Projects
• Carbon
• Reducing output and reducing costs
• Materials
• Supply and Feasibility Concerns
• Water
• The Crucial Role and Value Water has in the Industries, Products, and Processes of the Corporate Sector
• Categorizing and Justifying current and potential Risks to not having Enough water or the Right Quality of Water for your Business
• Waste Management
• Reducing output

Target Audience
• Corporate Level Executives and decision makers
• Organizations related to: manufacturing, installations, and marketing of sustainable efforts
• Corporate Sustainability Officers, Responsibility Officers and their strategists
• Investors and Investment Firms
• Banks, lawyers and politicians involved in legislation regarding sustainability
• Transportation and Distribution Sector
• Sustainable Corporation Consultants

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