Friday, March 2, 2012

Cuts to UK Wind Power ROCs & FiTs

Under pressure from Conservative MPs the UK Government appears poised to reduce its committment to wind projects. The Government has proposed a 10% cut to the financial support available to onshore wind generation projects as part of its review of renewables obligation certificates (ROCs). This has prompted some of the world's biggest wind companies to tell the Guardian newspaper that they were reviewing potential projects in the UK because of the Government's perceived lack of commitment to renewables. The government has already stated that it is considering reducing feed-in tariffs (FiT) for small wind turbines between 1.5 and 15KW by 25 percent. This would cost rural businesses up to £70,000 over the lifetime of a turbine on their land.

A government consultation on reductions to FiTs is ongoing until April 26th. The new rates are expected to start in October. To beat the deadline for the FiT reduction in the fall, applicants need to submit their planning applications by May 31.

With wind turbine costing around around £67,000, acting before the deadline can save £16,750. Wind turbines also save money on electricity. Some farmers have reportedly saved up to £10,000 on annual electric bills with just one wind turbine.

With the deadline looming there is a race to get wind turbines now before the 25 percent reduction in FiTs kicks in.

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