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Event: Offshore Wind Risk Summit 2012

On the 19th and 20th of June 2012 a summit will be held to identify critical offshore wind risks for timely and cost effective project delivery. It will take place in Hamburg Germany at the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski. This summit will help developers and contractors address their toughest challenges in offshore wind. Managing risks in the offshore wind industry is the way to achieve successful project commercialisation. In the future, only those willing to take and able to manage offshore risk will be able to build profitable offshore wind farms. The Offshore Wind Risk Summit will give you the direction and tools you need to build a comprehensive risk management strategy to ensure success in this booming market.

Critical Information:
  • Raising Capital And Permitting Risks Investment and Finance strategies laid bare - implement best practice in your financial management approach for faster ROI.
  • Project Delivery Risks Avoid untimely and costly delays to completion – review current and planned offshore wind project dynamics to compete in this complex market
  • Remote Environment Risks Overcome the complexity of farshore logistics to ensure stable financial inflow by increasing operational windows
  • Supply Chain Risks Navigate supply chain risk by early engagement with suppliers, taking an end-to-end viewpoint and procuring optimal products and services
  • Risk And Insurance Cut your premiums and avoid unnecessary expenses from preventable errors
Who Should Attend the Summit
  • Project Managers from the leading European utilities looking for information on how to reduce the level of risks for their upcoming offshore wind projects
  • Risk Managers from all sectors of the industry looking to meet the right people and to exchange knowledge on risk assessment and management matters
  • Financial Specialists looking for in depth assessment of the offshore wind industry which to allow them to make the right choice when it comes to investment in the sector
  • Insurers looking to meet existing and prospective clients and to position themselves one step ahead of the competitors
  • Survey Companies providing companies looking to understand their clients most specific needs and to make sure they are able to offer the most valuable services on the market
  • All other offshore wind industry professionals looking to gain a better understanding of what are the most urgent risks at the moment and how to protect their projects effectively 
Why Attend The Risk Summit

This is only place where you'll be able to hear from the key Utilities and IPPs driving their offshore wind development plans forward, risk experts on regulatory & permitting updates AND the major technology and service providers producing innovative new ideas for the industry

Meet, network and share information with over 100 senior offshore wind decision makers. At a time when liabilities are high and work to come is plenty - can you afford not to attend?

It is imperative that risk minimisation and performance maximisation are built in to every project from the start, and experience is key in every aspect of this industry.

Understand approaches which shares risk and reward appropriately to help all parties manage that risk,

Review ways of reducing project costs and decreasing the time between FID and positive project cash flows.


25+ expert speakers to give you the knowledge that you need to succeed
30+ innovative sessions to ensure all the key topics are covered
8+ interactive debate forums to help you brain-storm
Risk discussion groups

Additional Resources: 

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If you are a specialist in the field and think you can add value to the summit do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss the options.

For more information contact Teodora Todorova
Telephone: 0207 375 7572

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