Sunday, March 11, 2012

Renewable Energy World Conference and Expo Call for Speakers

Renwable Energy World Conference and Expo is looking for speakers for its December, 2012 event. Renewable Energy World Conference and Expo will take place in Orlando to run alongside the world’s largest conference and expo for the traditional power generation industry. The fact that the event is being showcased alongside traditional energy indicates that renewable energy has made it to the mainstream.

Power-Gen International, now in its 24th year attracts 1,200 exhibitors and, in 2011, brought in more than 20,000 attendees representing 92 countries. This year, oil, gas, coal, nuclear, and renewable power will all be exhibiting, attending conference sessions, networking, listening and learning under one roof in what will be an unprecedented event.

The event will cover renewables from soup to nuts so that utilities and traditional power generation professionals can cross over and learn about the great strides that renewables have already made in the power industry.

If you were thinking about being part of just one show this year, this would be the one. We need as many renewable energy industry representatives as possible to participate in order to make the renewable energy tracks at this show as informative and engaging as possible.

For those interested in speaking at the show submit an abstract by clicking here. The call for submissions ends on March 16th.

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James | said...

This looks fascinating - it's a shame I live in the UK!