Monday, March 19, 2012

Santorum's Unwavering Opposition to Climate Science

Santorum has criticized President Obama for embracing climate science, but he has also offered similar criticisms to fellow Republicans. Santorum is unique amongst those vying for the Republican nomination in that, unlike his rivals, he has not had to change his views on climate change.

GOP presidential candidates like Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul have been accused of subscribing to a scientific view on climate change.

Santorum accurately portrays himself as the only candidate who has never believed in global warming. Santorum has said:
"I for one never bought the hoax… And yet we have politicians running to the ramparts — unfortunately politicians who happen to be running for the Republican nomination for president — who bought into man-made global warming and bought into cap-and-trade."
This position appeals to the so called values driven conservatives. Santorum may not understand economics or geopolitics but he does seem to enjoy strong support from uneducated rural conservative men. Part of that support comes from his tacit dismissal of the science of climate change.

The far right that dominates the Republican primary process demands that aspiring presidential nominees abandon climate change. While others have had to change their positions on climate, Santorum has been consistent. Unlike his rivals for the GOP presidential nomination, Rick has not had to dumb down his campaign. If nothing else Santorum's ignorance on climate change is authentic.

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