Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sustainable Investing with Green Alpha® Advisors

You won't hear traditional investment managers say this: The Earth is warming, some formerly abundant resources are becoming scarce, populations are increasing, and the global economy is beginning to change to reflect these realities.

Green Alpha® Advisors seeks to identify, and purchase shares in companies that put their businesses in the path of these changes - companies with business models that both disrupt business-as-usual and represent the next, green economy. They focus on companies with proven, profitable businesses. They still believe in buy and hold, and they reject the notion that the true value of a good company changes ten percent or more each day.

Green Alpha practices investment management with a transparent process, making their reasons for portfolio positions clear, and they don't play games with synthetic assets, such as credit default swaps, or with computer tricks like high-frequency trading.

In short they are doing the job that investment managers are supposed to be doing: Making long-term investments in key businesses,
then watching them grow.

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