Friday, March 2, 2012

UK Renewable Energy 2011 Overview

According to statistics from the Department of Energy and Climate Change the renewable energy sector contributed to a record breaking 9.6 percent of the electricity supplied by the UK grid in 2011. This is an encouraging 50 percent increase on the figures from 2010. Yorkshire and the Humber have the most renewable energy sites followed by the North West and the South West.

Wind power is a big part of the increase in the UK's renewable energy supply increasing 120 percent over 2010 data. Wind energy now generates almost 10 percent of the UK's electricity demand during peak wind energy production.

Not only are brits increasing their renewable energy supply they have also decreased their energy consumption 3.7 percent compared to 2010.

Despite planned reductions to the UK's green subsidy regime for wind and solar in 2012, investments in renewable energy are likely to continue this year.

To view an interactive map of the UK's renewable energy installations click here.

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