Thursday, March 8, 2012

WAGE: Women and the Green Economy

To accelerate and provide the new thinking and creative power for a global post-carbon economy, Earth Day Network is engaging women business, government and NGO leaders in its “Women and the Green Economy” (WAGE®) Campaign. WAGE® is working today to create a policy agenda for Rio+20 and generate relevant national initiatives that will promote the green economy, secure educational and job training opportunities for women and channel green investment to benefit women.

WAGE® was launched at the UNFCCC 16th Conference of the Parties in Cancun, Mexico in December, 2010. The WAGE® Campaign is actively creating a road map for women to aggregate their power and promote their leadership in creating a sustainable green economy and mitigating climate change.

Earth Day Network created WAGE® in view of the following facts:
  • Women constitute more than half of the world’s population
  • Women make 85 percent of all consumer choices
  • Women are rising to key positions of power
  • Women can lead the way to a sustainable green economy
Together, our most talented and successful women can fast-forward the green economy.

To go to the WAGE site click here.

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