Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Water Resources Investor Event

Water in the west is both a challenge and an opportunity. A Water Resources Investor Event is being held in Santa Barbara California on April 12 and 13. Water rights trading and water resource development are emerging markets that are creating abundant business opportunities. However, these new markets are not always easily understood. WestWater Research and American Water Intelligence are coming together to provide information and direction to water trading and development opportunities through a series of thought-provoking, regional conferences.

These events will be the premier forum for leaders from Wall Street to the water sector to provide valuable insight on:
  • Investing and financing water development projects in the US
  • Are water rights a good investment?
  • Pricing, trading and other market fundamentals
  • Legal and regulatory risk management in water deals
  • Native American water rights in an era of water marketing
  • Environmental water markets and mitigating water development
  • Making business sense of the water development sector
  • Water is a critical component of our economic future, and the western US has many issues relating to water supply, development and management projects, environmental regulations, and expanding populations. All of these issues also offer political and financial challenges, as well as investment opportunities.
Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) is one of the most trusted nonprofit providers of market-based solutions designed to help businesses and organizations balance their energy, carbon and water footprints.

One percent of the profits from these events will be used to purchase water restoration certificates to return water to stressed watersheds in the Western U.S.

American Water Intelligence

American Water Intelligence is the foremost news resource for America’s water industry, providing up-to-date, market-leading analysis and strategic data from a variety of industry sources.

WestWater Research

WestWater Research is a leading economic consulting firm in water rights trading and water asset valuation.

Who should attend these events?

You should attend if you understand that water challenges will touch all areas of our economy. You should attend if you want to achieve sustainable and resilient strategies relating to water risk. You should attend if you want to take advantage of the myriad of economic opportunities being created.
  • Investment executives
  • Water resource managers
  • Energy and utility executives
  • Municipalities and local government leaders
  • Attorneys (will receive CLE credit)
  • Water right owners
  • Engineering consultants
  • Local business leaders

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