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World Water Forum 2012: Time for Solutions!

The World Water Forum is the largest world water event. The World Water Forum 2012 will take place in Marseille, France on 12-17 March, 2012. The Forum will be open to the general public on Saturday the 17th of March 2012.Every three years since 1997, the World Water Council, with a host country and city, organises a forum that mobilises creativity, innovation, competence and know-how in favour of water.

The 6th World Water Forum is the most important water event in the world. It gathers all the water stakeholders concerned
by current issues at a global, regional or local level because these issues will only be tackled if all the involved actors meet
together under one common framework and share the same objectives.

So as to best respond to the global water challenges and to raise water issues on global agendas. There will be no sustainable
development as long as water issues remain unresolved. Water must become accessible to all and everywhere in the world.
This is the first of the 12 Forum priorities. Overall, the preparatory works follow the three strategic directions of sustainable
development: to ensure everyone’s well‐being, to contribute to economic development and to keep the planet blue for
future generations.

All stakeholders are welcome to participate and contribute to the 6th World Water Forum: governments, parliaments, local or
regional governments, international institutions, water experts, companies, research institutes, nongovernmental

Time for Solutions!
The theme of this 6th edition is "Time for Solutions!" Whether already existing or innovative, solutions may take a variety of forms: legal, technical, financial or educational. Those solutions will be presented, shared and debated in order to gather concrete commitments at the Forum of Marseille. During 6 days, elected representatives, decision‐makers, civil society, financial partners and experts from around the world will meet at many conferences, sessions and panels.

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