Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bluehorse Associates Sustainability Journey: Doing It for the Money

Bluehorse is a pioneer in the sustainability metrics field and they understand how bottom line concerns are driving sustainability. They specialize in delivering ground-breaking tools that provide decision makers with clear, usable information for their business and products.

Bottom line benefits are the driving force behind the adoption of sustainability. As Sara Pax President of Bluehorse Associates noted, it is 'not about tree-hugging': Sustainability is simply good for business. According to Pax, companies should be concerned about their environmental sustainability - but it has more to do with ensuring profitability than it does with saving the planet.

Bluehorse Associates is the maker of a tool for measuring environmental sustainability for the food industry called Carbonostics , which Pax claims can give food and beverage companies tangible information about which measures make most sense for business, as well as for the environment.

Carmel McQuaid, Climate Change Manager, Marks & Spencer said, "Carbonostics is a truly innovative and pragmatic tool which will enable better decision making and help the food industry continue progress towards healthy, profitable and sustainable products.”

Consumer engagement should not be a top priority for companies, Pax said, as only a very small percentage of consumers change their purchasing decisions based on any environmental work that a company has undertaken.

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