Monday, April 2, 2012

Earth Conscious Celebrities

Ed Begley Jr. is one of the biggest (and proudest) tree huggers in Hollywood. Begley was one of the first celebrities to speak up about his environmental views and eco-friendly lifestyle, which consists of veganism, driving an electric car, and using a bicycle-powered toaster oven. He is also involved in several different environmental organizations and even had his own reality TV show, called Living Like Ed.

Daryl Hannah is no stranger to tree hugging. Famous for her roles in the films Splash and Roxanne, Hannah has stepped back into the limelight with her environmental and human rights activism. The actress has taken a stand against various issues, including mountaintop removal in West Virginia, sexual slavery, and the Keystone Pipeline System. She is also a vegan and lives in a solar-powered house and drives a car that runs on biodiesel. Hannah's dramatic protests and acts of civil disobedience have resulted in several arrests, but have also made her a key figure in the environmental movement.

Brad Pitt has followed in the philanthropic footsteps of his partner, Angelina Jolie, by getting involved in some of the biggest environmental and social issues affecting the world today. Pitt showcased his tree hugging ways when he founded the Make It Right Foundation in 2006, which is committed to building 150 eco-friendly houses in a New Orleans' neighborhood destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Pitt has even meet with President Obama to advocate for a green housing project.

Natalie Portman earned a reputation of being a tree hugger from a young age. The strict vegan has used her fame to advocate for animal rights and environmental conservation. Portman has traveled to Rwanda to help spread awareness about endangered silverback gorillas. The longtime vegetarian abstains from using, eating, or wearing any animal products, and has even designed a line of chic, vegan shoes for Te Casan.

Sting's musical career may have faded over the years, but his philanthropic and environmental efforts have become a much larger area of focus for the devoted activist. Sting is a longtime supporter of the human rights cause and has dedicated much of his time to fundraising and spreading awareness on social and political issues affecting people around the world. In 1989, Sting and his wife created The Rainforest Foundation to protect rainforest plants and animals and campaign against tropical deforestation.

Orlando Bloom has proven to be more than just an actor. The Hollywood star is an advocate for many environmental causes, including the organization that he helped launch, called Global Cool. The green organization seeks to stop global warming and help people reduce their environmental impact by limiting their use of natural resources and adopting a simpler and eco-friendly routine.

Source: Online Certificate Programs: The 10 Biggest Tree Huggers in History

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