Monday, April 23, 2012

Earth Day Poll: Environment is Important

According to an Earth Day poll, 85 percent of respondents said being “eco-friendly” is very important or moderately important. is the web’s largest opinion-based community; in this survey they polled their users on the state of the environment, recycling, organics and hybrid cars.

Only 14 percent of respondents think the planet is improving and 86 percent feel the planet has gotten worse or stayed the same.


When it comes to recycling, 62 percent feel that it should be mandatory. In addition, only 7 percent of the public does not recycle, while 38 percent recycle “all the time” and 37 percent recycle “when possible.” Most respondents (59 percent) stated that they are not more likely to buy a product just because it is packaged in recycled materials.


The public is split when it comes to organic products, as 51 percent feel organic products are better while 49 percent are either not sure or feel organic products are not better. Younger respondents were willing to pay more for organic products than their older counterparts. 53 percent of those between18-24 years of age would pay more to go organic, while only 27 percent of those over 65 would pay extra.

Hybrid Cars

If price wasn’t an issue, 72 percent of respondents would switch to a hybrid vehicle or an electric powered car (38 percent for hybrid, 34 percent for electric), while only 28 percent would stick with a gas powered vehicle.

For the full poll results click here.

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