Friday, April 13, 2012

Global Growth of Cleantech 2007-2020

There is a growing interest in green innovation. Investors are increasingly interested in investing in cleantech, particularly innovative green technology. Over the course of the last five years cleantech has grown tremendously.

According to the 2012 Green Transition Scoreboard® (GTS) report, private sector investments adds up to more than $3.3 trillion since 2007.

Hazel Henderson of Ethical Markets Media is optimistic about the future of Cleantech saying, "this transition is on track to reach the $10 trillion we project by 2020."

As reported by the Cleantech Group "Investment totalled US$8.99 billion in 2011, up 13 per cent from the previous year. North America captured 76 per cent of the investments."

According to a 2011, Corporate Knights article, titled, "Can Bond Markets Save the World?", by Tom Rand and Toby A.A. Heaps, there are obstacles to clean energy technology investments. We need to see a more level playing field for investors. It is hard to raise financing when solar projects borrow at 15 percent and coal borrows at 5 percent.

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