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Sustainable Economy Conference 2012 (Event)

The 3rd Annual Sustainable Economy Conference will take place on Monday, April 30, 2012 at 8:15 am - 4:30 pm. The event is held by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and it is intended to develop new networks and business relationships.

The 3rd Annual Sustainable Economy Conference (SEC) is designed to advance the knowledge, perspective and networks of all sector leaders and others working to create a sustainable economy, improve economic recovery and growth, reduce operation costs, drive job creation, build sustainable communities and expand the green economy in Massachusetts.

The 3rd Annual SEC brings together the government, business, academic, nonprofit and community sectors for the purpose of creating new networks and business relationships.

The SEC is designed to:
  • Provide a platform to discuss new collaborations and partnerships for sustainable solutions within and across sectors.
  • Serve as a resource on cutting edge “sustainable thinking” through experiences, case studies, and showcases.
  • Promote diversity and inclusion to improve business performance in Massachusetts.
  • Provide effective tools and approaches for meeting the challenges of the changing global market and encouraging businesses to meet the new market expectations.
  • Promote an equitable and ecologically sustainable economy.
Panels include these and others:
  • Emerging Energy Issues and Technologies.
  • Principles of Product Stewardship and Supply Chain.
  • Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion in Business.
  • The Role of Businesses in Creating Sustainable Communities.
  • Accounting for Natural Capital.
  • Urban Agriculture in Massachusetts.
  • Building a 21st Century Economy - The Role of Women in Creating a 21st Century Economy.
  • Sustainable Negotation Strategies - Turning Ideals into Profitable Practices.
  • Active Citizenship for Sustainable Communities.
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