Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tell the G20 to End Fossil Fuel Subsidies Now

Our tax dollars are being used to subsidize massive oil companies that are making astronomical profits. Big Oil is not only responsible for climate change they are using their record-breaking profits on massive misinformation campaigns and political influence. A growing number of people are seeking to put an end to this $600 billion dollar a year travesty. One of those groups is, they are organizing a protest against Big Oil when the G20 convenes in Washington and a petition to put an end to fossil fuel subsidies. The following is an excerpt of an article and call to action called Paid to Pollute:

Next week we have a chance to draw a line in the sand -- the G20 finance ministers are meeting in Washington [The G20 Meeting of Deputy Ministers of Finance will take place on April 19 and 20 in Washington] and we can meet them there with a massive global outcry calling on them to finally stop paying polluters billions in our tax dollars. These leaders have agreed to end black subsidies but failed to act, let's hold them to their word.

Sign the petition and tell everyone -- it's time to end polluter payments for good.

The timing couldn’t be more urgent -- extreme weather continues to smash records and island nations are entering negotiations to relocate their entire populations. Yet oil, coal and gas companies pay ‘experts’ to soil public debate with false arguments like climate change isn’t real and we have no reason for action. All of these are ploys to make these companies more money -- a recent study has shown that for every $0.01 increase in petrol prices, the oil companies make $200bn more in profits. Last year Exxon alone made $4.7 million in profits every hour!

The truth is that a clean energy revolution is close, and if realised it would permanently break the fossil fuel barons’ dangerous grip on our planet and politicians. Already many forms of clean energy are finding ways to compete and if we ended government gifts to fossil fuels it would level the playing field overnight, spurring a worldwide surge in clean energy.

The G20 is the first in a long road to ending polluter payments -- but it's a battle we can win.

The petition reads: "To G20 leaders: As concerned global citizens, we urge you to disclose and end direct hand-outs to fossil fuel producers, and also start the phase-out of schemes that drive demand for dirty energy. We’re on the brink of a climate catastrophe, and stopping taxpayer gifts to fossil fuels would level the energy playing field overnight, spurring a worldwide surge in clean energy. Honour your previous commitments and make ending polluter payments the top global priority for the upcoming UN Earth Summit."

Sign the petition, and forward it widely.

Together, time and time again we have achieved the impossible. And now, our entire planet's future is at stake. Let’s launch a climate spring and take a step closer to freeing the world from the tyranny of fossil fuels.

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