Friday, April 20, 2012

What Businesses are Doing for Earth Day 2012

As reviewed in a Green Biz article titled How Corporations are Celebrating Earth Day 2012, the business community is getting involved in this high holy day of sustainability. Most sustainability executives interviewed see Earth Day as an opportunity to connect and engage with their employees. Companies are encouraging their employees to get involved in environmental activities like cleanups and other volunteer efforts.

Executives also sponsor lobby events where employees can learn about the local green groups and environmental issues. Microsoft is putting a Fisker Karma and other electric cars on display for their employees.

Many companies have programs that enable their employees to recycle. These programs include everything from batteries to computers. Sprint held a recycling fair with more than 50 eco-friendly exhibitors for its 2,000 + employees. Sodexo uses Earth Day to promote its Rural Recycling Program which collects e-waste for recycling to fund grants for disabled farmers.

Earth Day is also a time for the business community to share their sustainability accomplishments.

The actions that take place on Earth Day and carry throughout the year offer real benefits to the planet.

As revealed by a 2011 study, Donald Trump gets more media coverage than climate change. Although greenwashing is a legitimate concern, the huge volume of media attention generated by Earth Day contributes to the growth of sustainability.

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