Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bill McKibben on Connect the Dots Events

Today is Climate Impacts Day and as founder Bill McKibben said earlier today, "5/5 is no normal day — it’s the day that people around the world are coming together to Connect the Dots about climate change."

In an early morning e-mail Bill recounted what he has heard about the first action that took place in the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean. For this Connect the Dots event people dove down for an underwater rally on their threatened coral reef.

Bill describes this event as, "a giant seminar on the topic: What does global warming look like in its early stages? And if we can put a human face on climate change it will help immeasurably in all our campaigning in the years ahead. You’re that human face."

If you are looking for an event near you, click here for the Climate Impacts Day event locator. The site will be scrolling the uploaded images of the events taking place around the planet.

You can also upload your photos from your events to! There are full instructions on the website, but the basic idea is to attach your single best photo and email it to — and make sure to put the location of the photo in the subject line and the the story behind the photo as the text of the email.

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