Thursday, May 3, 2012

Canada's GHG Rankings

As reported in the Montreal Gazette, Canada has a woeful record on GHG emissions. The 2012 Climate Change Performance Index, the Environmental Performance Index and the Pembina Institute all indicate that Canada is amongst the worst GHG emitters in the world.

According to the 2012 Climate Change Performance Index, compiled by the environmental lobby Germanwatch and the Climate Action Network, Canada is the worst performer among the world's 10 largest carbon-dioxide emitters. It ranks 57th out of the 58 countries that together are responsible for more than 90 per cent of the global energy-related carbon-dioxide emissions.

The Environmental Performance Index, compiled by Yale and Columbia universities, ranks Canada 37th overall out of 132 countries, with a sub-ranking for climate change of 102. The index also found that Canada is failing to live up to its promises to protect the environment.

Environment Canada stated in 2011 that "existing measures announced by federal and provincial governments will reduce (greenhouse-gas) emissions in 2020 by about 65 megatonnes." However, as Environment Canada goes on to say, "This represents one quarter of the reductions in emissions needed by 2020 to reach the target level of 607 (megatonnes)."

Canada's GHG emissions are imperiling the entire globe. Canada quit Kyoto and will not meet its 2020 commitments of 17% reduction in annual GHG emissions (relative to 2005). Tar-sands rich Alberta is calling for a rise in GHG emissions until 2020 and the continued expansion of the oil-sands will make it impossible to achieve the global target of 450 ppm CO2 by 2050.

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