Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mitt Romeny: The Legacy He Will Leave for Our Children

Now that Mitt Romney has formally secured the Republican presidential nomination he is going on the attack with new ads that reveal his anti-environment agenda. These ads indicate that his top priorities include approving the Keystone XL Pipeline and the repeal of regulations designed to protect human health. Romeny wants to transport dirty tar sands oil from Canada, through highly sensitive areas of America, to the already endangered Gulf Coast. He has also indicated that he wants to repeal regulations like those put forth by the EPA. He dismisses the idea that some regulations are good and can actually create jobs while keeping people safe.

The unlimited funding allowed by Super PAC are sure to provide Romney with vast sums of money from billionaires who will use their influence to get the executive office to do their bidding.

Romney has sought out "advice" from people like Harold Hamm who serves as Romney’s top energy advisor. Hamm is the billionaire chairman and CEO of Continental Resources. He has contributed nearly $1 million to the pro-Romney Super PAC.

The influence of these billionaires will hurt average Americans while the wealthy will benefit from another tax cut. Another assault on regulations will further erode America's troubled environment.

Before they vote for Romney, Americans need to ask themselves if they care about basic quality of life issues like clean air and water. Perhaps most importantly Americans need to ask themselves what their children will think about the environmentally destructive legacy that Romney will leave behind.

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