Friday, May 11, 2012

Scope 3 Impacts White Paper from Enviance

This paper is the first in a series of white papers that will explore how to tie sustainability to core business goals such as increasing sales while reducing costs and risks. It lays out the foundation for understanding what scope 3 means and how to effectively perform scope 3 analyses.

Many organizations around the globe already use well-accepted methodologies for calculating scope 1 and scope 2 environmental impacts, which include a company's direct impacts and its indirect impacts from energy it buys. Furthermore, there has been an increased interest and focus on the environmental impacts that occur beyond the four walls of an organization, with leading companies working to track and report scope 3 impacts across their value chain.

Significant benefits can be achieved by completing a scope 3 analysis, from identifying efficiency improvement opportunities, quantifying risks, supporting sales, to strengthening the brand. With new scope 3 guidelines and life-cycle assessment methodologies available, companies are now equipped to efficiently and cost effectively conduct inventories across all of scope 3, including the supply chain and downstream impacts.

This new White Pater answers the following questions: What are scope 3 impacts? Why do a scope 3 analysis? How are scope 3 analyses conducted? What are the key scope 3 challenges. How do you overcome these challenges?

Take advantage of this White Paper with in-depth guidance on common road-blocks organization's face when undertaking a scope 3 analysis and how to get past them.

To download the White Paper click here.

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