Monday, May 21, 2012

Sustainable Brands 12 Record Breaking Attendance

Sustainable Brands 12 has reported that this year's event will enjoy record breaking attendance. This is particularly impressive when you consider there are more than two weeks left to register. As of May 18 there were nearly 1,000 professionals that indicated they would be attending Sustainable Brands 12. These professionals span a wide variety of industries. The companies in attendance will collaborate and learn how to drive the positive shift our society is demanding.

Some of the companies coming to the event include: Google, Adobe, Chipotle, AirBnB, Zappos, Walmart, Mars, Ford, Nestle, Dell, REI, Nordstrom, Safeway, Neutrogena. Many other brands and thought leaders from around the globe will be gathering in San Diego for what is shaping up to be the most feature-rich and rewarding Sustainable Brands Con Ever. 

For a complete list of who will be in attendance click here.

Click here to view or download the full brochure (pdf).

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