Monday, May 14, 2012

Ten Sources of Green Supply Chain Information

Here is a summary of some good information on sustainable supply chains. These links include everything from the basics to more sophisticated research on green sourcing, best practices and metrics. Most of the links provided below are free of charge and contain a wealth of searchable information. The exception being the "Institute of Supply Management's Sustainability Handbook" which costs between 29.99 (members) and 49.99 (non-members).
  1. General Introduction to greener supply chains
  2. The Global Reporting Initiative offers standards, metrics, best practices, and benchmarks 
  3. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) resources
  4. Department of Energy (DoE)
  5. Green Confidence Index on the GreenBiz Intelligence
  6. The Institute of Supply Management's Sustainability handbook (includes best practices)
  7. The New York Times
  8. The Guardian offers general research and information about the carbon trade scheme in Europe
  9. carpe diehm  offers a lot of great information on sustainable supply chains
  10. Green Sustainability Innovators & Innovation Network Group News | LinkedIn 
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