Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Top 10 Transporation Software Systems

Transportation software helps companies to be more efficient by saving time, energy and effort. This type of software is part of a winning approach that saves money by ensuring that company vehicles follow the most expedient route. This also reduces the amount of fuel needed and burning less fuel diminishes a company's footprint. Below you will find the top ten transportation software systems:


RedPrairie's TMS meets the fleet management, route optimization, and parcel management needs of complex 3PLs and wholesale distributors. RedPrairie is one of the biggest names in supply chain technology.

JDA Software

JDA's TMS solution is used by large distributors, retailers and manufacturers to manage the flow of goods in and out of the warehouse. With over 6,000 customers, JDA is one of the biggest names in TMS.

TMW Enterprise Transportation Software

TMW offers modules for order entry, rating, dispatch, accounting and reporting to assist logistics operators of everything from an large, enterprise 3PL to a small transportation fleet.

Roadnet Transportation Suite

A worldwide provider of fleet optimization solutions, Roadnet offers fuel measurement, GPS tracking, route scheduling and more. This vendor became a private company in early 2011 after being a derivative of UPS since 1986.

RedPrairie On-Demand WMS

With the ability to directly integrate with large shipping carriers and produce shipping and pick tickets directly from sales orders, RedPrarie On-Demand WMS is also a great cloud-based system for logistics optimization.


SphereWMS offers great TMS functionality within its warehouse application. Includes the ability to create custom packing lists and billing reports to get inventory out of the warehouse and delivered on-time.


The web-based TMS from Wolin Design Group includes fleet, parcel tracking, and route optimization features. CartonLogic also includes warehouse and inventory optimization functionality.


Camelot's 3PLink offers a TMS that is ideal for third party logistics operations. This system integrates with the 3PLink WMS application or works independently. The system features TL/LTL, bulk, and container management

Epicor Supply Chain Management

The supply chain execution functionality within Epicor Supply Chain Management provides the ability to manage the end-to-end supply chain process, from strategic sourcing all the way to transportation and distribution.

HighJump Warehouse Advantage

HighJump Warehouse Advantage has helped over 1,500 companies better operate their supply chains with its highly-customizable system that features labor and equipment scheduling, RFID communication, and putaway procedures.

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