Friday, June 29, 2012

Canada's Green Provincial Report Card

As reported in the Miratel blog here is the third bi-annual Green Provincial Report Card published by Corporate Knights. Corporate Knights “is a media, research and financial products company focused on quantifying and animating clean capitalism drivers for decision makers.” The criteria they used for the 2012 Green Provincial Report Card was: air and climate, water, nature, transportation, waste, energy and buildings, and innovation. In addition to these seven categories, they reviewed some 35 indicators to help analyze the environmental performance of each province and territory.

To help compile this list Corporate Knights used a panel of experts, which included representatives from York University, the David Suzuki Foundation, and The Pembina Institute. Corporate Knights used the most current data available ranging from 2008-2011 with information coming “through federal sources that allowed for direct comparisons between Canada’s 13 jurisdictions. One major source was Environment Canada’s new Canadian Environmental Sustainability Indicators (CESI) database, which was just made publicly accessible last year.”
  1. Ontario score: 6.06, A- (2nd in Air and Climate, 2nd in Innovation) 
  2. British Columbia score: 6.0, A- (2nd in Transportation, 1st in Energy and Buildings, 1st in Innovation) 
  3. Prince Edward Island score: 5.9, B+ 
  4. Yukon Territory score: 5.6, B (1st in Air and Climate, 1st in Nature) 
  5. Quebec score: 5.5, B 
  6. Nunavut score: 5.3, B- (1st in Transportation) 
  7. Nova Scotia score: 5.3, B- (1st in Waste) 
  8. Northwest Territories score: 5.0, B- (1st in Water) 
  9. Newfoundland score: 4.9, C+ 
  10. New Brunswick score: 4.9, C+ 
  11. Manitoba score: 4.8, C+ (Tied for 2nd in Water) 
  12. Alberta score: 4.5, C (2nd in Nature) 
  13. Saskatchewan score: 4.4, C (Tied for 2nd in Water) 
To view the interactive map click here or to view the provincial profiles for a more in-depth breakdown by province click here.

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