Saturday, June 23, 2012

Green Education Online in the Wake of Rio+20 (Video)

In the words of the President of Green Education On Line, "we must understand the “average” person knows little of these issues. As was presented at RIO+20, while we want to assume many do understand these issues, they do not so internal training is crucial. What is lacking to move all forward at a much quicker pace is training resources on sustainability for both internal training in an industry business culture and for their own employees as well as to offer to their customers to educate their employees.

Our Sustainability Education Series is comprised of 50 web based courses is on demand and available 24/7 offering a very professional and transparent delivery with excellent reporting capabilities for core competency. It is important to engage partners across the globe to have this content ready for employees and very visible for an international audience. We look for distribution partners who will commit to marketing the series and who are well connected to major corporations, associations and governments nationally and internationally. The courses are SCORM compliant, an important component for human resource acceptance. This link is to our site and if you click on COURSES, you can view our 11 topics, descriptions of all 50 course titles. We can deliver the content through a private brand that can be “white labeled” for any organization." Click here for more information on the titles and descriptions of online sustainability courses that address a wide range of subjects including energy efficiency, waste management, water conservation, and recycling.

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