Sunday, June 3, 2012

GreenCo Summit 2012 - "How to Green your Company?" (Event)

The GreenCo Summit 2012 is scheduled on 14 & 15 June 2012 at Hotel Intercontinental The Lalit, Mumbai. With the rapidly expanding population and increased demand for consumption of natural resources, there is a need to address our ecological footprint with a sense of sustainability. With global committees & forums established to address this need, governments across the world have targets for reductions, as well as policies and action plans. Industry has a vital role in the economy, will have to address the issues of environmental sustainability on a Cradle-to-Grave approach, looking beyond the areas of Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation and Waste Management.

The GreenCo Summit 2012, is the flagship event of CII - Godrej GBC, "How to Green your Company?" is focused on the areas of:
  • Greenhouse Gas mitigation
  • Greening the Supply Chain
  • Product Stewardship
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Resource conservation
  • Many more....

The summit will serve as an excellent platform for understanding the trends, learning about strategies and implementation in both the Indian and global contexts.  Efforts include Carbon Neutrality, Extended Producer Responsibility, Resource Optimization, Greening the Supply Chain, Life Cycle Assessment, and many more. The summit also offers a networking platform, as delegation for the summit will be cutting across various segments of Industry, from the technology developers, equipment manufacturers & suppliers, solution providers, policy-makers and academia.

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