Saturday, June 30, 2012

Independence Day: Environmental Action Now!

Our nation has always been defined by innovation and a fiery will to overcome adversity. Our lives today are defined by the sacrifices, ideas, and most importantly the actions of our predecessors. They overcame colonial oppression and two World Wars, and heeded one President's call to reach for the stars. Millions now fight and die to secure what they achieved. But a new challenge is on the horizon. Climate change threatens to undo some of the progress that they made possible. And yet, we are at a crossroads, one that could lead us to a new and innovative future of clean energy and stewardship of the planet, or one that could lead back into ignorance and pollution. What will define your generation? What will future historians say about your time? The actions of our predecessors overcame tyranny from afar and built a nation of honor, innovation, and leadership. Will yours?

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