Sunday, June 17, 2012

Introduction to PV Design and Installation and Exam Prep (Course)

Between Monday June 18th and Thursday June 21 a class on PV design will be taking place at the Atlantic Cape Community College, Mays Landing Campus East (an NABCEP approved training provider. The NABCEP PV Entry Level Exam is based on a set of learning objectives developed by NABCEP Committee of PV subject matter experts. PV design and installation concepts will be reviewed.

Participants will define, describe and apply the following core skill sets: PV markets and applications, safety basics, electricity basics, solar energy fundamentals, PV module fundamentals, system components, PV system sizing principles, PV system electrical design, PV system mechanical design, performance analysis, maintenance and troubleshooting. The fee for this course is $725 (Tuition $225, Materials $200, Lab $300). There is an additional cost for the NABCEP exam.

For more information call Dharmesh Dave at 609-343-5658 to register or visit for prerequisite and more information.

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