Thursday, June 28, 2012

Top Canadian Corporate Citizens (2012)

Here is the eleventh annual Best 50 Corporate Citizens in Canada in 2012 as reviewed by the Miratel blog. The list was compiled and published by Corporate Knights. Corporate Knights “is a media, research and financial products company focused on quantifying and animating clean capitalism drivers for decision makers.” Corporate Knights is a source of objective, data-driven ‘clean capitalism’ ratings for over 2000 companies globally.”
There is growing recognition among the country’s biggest companies that business-as-usual isn’t a sustainable option over the long term” Tyler Hamilton, Editor-In-Chief Corporate Knights.

Corporate Knights ranked these companies in terms of their use or production of energy, carbon, water, waste. They also factored their clean capitalism pay link, sustainability themed board, percentage of women and minorities on their boards, the taxes paid, ratio of highest-paid to average employee compensation, DB pension plan assists/pension obligations, and core business impact score.

Below you will find the top 15 Canadian companies according to Corporate Knights’ latest report and their score:
For the complete list click here.

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