Sunday, July 1, 2012

Four European Environmental Events in July (Part One)

In the first half of July 2012 there are four notable environmentally themed events that will be taking place in Europe. The first is a summer course on European Environmental Law, the second is an environmental finance event, the third is an event focusing on sustainable development, and the fourth is an event focusing on carbon finance for renewable energy.

1. Summer Course on EU Environmental Law

On July second to July sixth a course on European environmental law, hosted by ERA, will take place in Trier, Germany. This five-day summer course will provide a thorough introduction to EU environmental law. ERA / Trier, Germany.

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2. Impact Investing 2012 (Event)

On July third a finance conference hosted by Environmental Finance will take place in London. This forward-looking conference will analyse and debate the most effective ways for investors to generate environmental, social and financial returns.

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3. Environmental Impact 2012 (Event)

On July third to July fifth, the first International Conference on Environmental and Economic Impact on Sustainable Development will take place at the Wessex Institute of Technology in New Forest, UK.

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4. Carbon Finance for Renewable Projects (Event)

On July fifth at the Green Power Academy in London, UK, a comprehensive 1-day briefing will take place on developing renewable energy projects with carbon-based sources of finance in mind.

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