Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More Scientific Support for Anthropogenic Climate Change

There is increasing scientific support for the relationship between human activities, global warming and climate change. The latest research was published on July 10th, 2012. According to an accompanying analysis in the annual State of the Climate report, compiled by nearly 400 scientists from 48 countries and published in the peer-reviewed Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. 

The report itself remains "consciously conservative" when it comes to attributing the causes of certain weather events to climate change. However, the report’s accompanying analysis titled "Explaining Extreme Events," make the link between human-driven climate change and six selected weather crises in 2011, including the Texas drought of 2011.

It was once considered inappropriate to link an individual weather event to human-caused climate change, but as stated by Peter Stott, climate monitoring and attribution team leader at the UK Met Office, that is changing.

"We have shown that climate change has indeed altered the odds of some of the [extreme weather] events that have occurred," he told reporters. "What we are saying here is we can actually quantify those changing odds. [S]cientific thinking has moved on and now it is widely accepted that attribution statements about individual weather or climate events are possible," the report added.

The NASA Earth Observatory acknowledges that there are a complex set of atmospheric conditions that produce extreme weather like drought, However, they went on to say “weather occurs within the broader context of climate, and there’s widespread agreement among scientists that the climate is changing due to human activity.”

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