Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Three SAP Reports on Sustainability

Here are three SAP reports on sustainability. These SAP reports have practical information that is useful in your business. The first involves end of life reporting, the second suggests that sustainability is nearing a tipping point and the third concerns compliance management. These are three highly recommended reports for businesses involved in sustainability or those looking to explore.

1. End of Life Reporting and Beyond-A Challenge that Keeps on Growing

This paper provides an overview of key global trends and regulations relating to packaging, electrical and electronic equipment and batteries. It lays out the challenges of compliance and consequences of non-compliance, and warns that the approach many companies are taking today will not scale with the rapid growth and increased complexity of regulations and industry or supply chain requirements. Finally, the paper addresses the benefits of best-in-class approaches to environmental management programmes and the systems needed to support them.

To download the report click here

2. Sustainability Nears a Tipping Point - Why Companies are Profiting

Learn how companies are profiting from sustainability activities. Findings from the 2011 Sustainability and Innovation Global Executive Study and Research Project.

To download the report click here.

3. Compliance Management in Environment, Health & Safety

Aberdeen research report on how best in class companies manage Environmental, Health & Safety processes and technology while outperforming their peers. Organizations are often challenged with the myriad of Environmental, Health, and Safety regulations that need to be complied with across the enterprise. While finding information in a timely fashion is a constant challenge, the uncertainty surrounding change in future regulations and the complexity of managing regulations across different regions consistently haunts industrial organizations. Companies are looking for ways to reduce the cost of compliance, improve the safety of people, products, and processes, and surpass corporate goals around Sustainability. This research will provide a roadmap for success, based on the best practices adopted by over 175 executives to effectively manage the above challenges.

To download the report click here.

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