Friday, August 24, 2012

14 Environmental Compliance Case Studies (E-book)

This e-book is composed of 14 environmental compliance case studies. It helps readers to understand what environmental compliance success means and why it is important. This complementary e-book was published in 2012 by enviance. It draws on their experience working with leading companies in the US and around the world. These companies have made environmental compliance their corporate priority not only achieving regulatory goals, but most importantly saving time, money and resources.

Take a closer look at these companies and their case studies. Find out how they achieved success, improved internal communication and gained confidence in their compliance reports. You'll learn more from companies like the following:

AEP (American Electric Power)
First Energy
Patriot Coal
Tucson Electric Power
And many more

We hope you enjoy reading about how these companies achieved excellence and are thriving in the always changing environmental compliance world.

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